ABBATH “Abbath” review (by Anthony Hoyes (Vorzug))

ABBATH “Abbath” review (by Anthony Hoyes (Vorzug))

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AbbathABBATH “Abbath”
Season of Mist records

Some reviewers might say that this album is nothing original or nothing that we haven’t heard before. I will disagree with those that take that stance. The principal song writers (Abbath and King) are true legends in extreme metal. Their writing style is “tried and true” and known to the masses. Some people take that fact for granted, but that is why I take the counter point on this argument.

Abbath features 9 total tracks, 8 features and 1 bonus. The label features the first 3 tracks “To War!” “Winterbane” and “Ashes of the Damned” all of which are great “Immortal” era styled tracks. But for me the track that stood out at first listen was the 4th track “Ocean of Wounds” Melodic riffing, powerful drumming and straight forward bass lines put together with the signature frost bitten vocals make Ocean of Wounds my personal favorite on this album.

Naturally this is A Black Metal album, but there are elements of other genres sprinkled throughout. The album in whole is well produced and tightly played. If you’re looking for an “Immortal” album this isn’t it, however if you’re looking for a metal masterpiece you can do a lot worse than Abbath.

(c) Anthony Hoyes (Vorzug)

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