Abbath Reveals Details About The New Album

Abbath Reveals Details About The New Album

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The Norwegian black metaller, Abbath, announces the release of the second album, Outstrider. The album will be out on July 5th.

Oustrider consists of eight, crushing original songs and concludes with a fiery Bathory cover. The album promises a full-on aural assault from start to finish with frigid riffage and a robust pocket that are layered with vocals from one of the most identifiable voices in black metal. If you thought Abbath came in hot with their last record, just wait until you hear this!


“Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane)”
“Bridge Of Spasms”
“The Artifex”
“Harvest Pyre”
“Land Of Khem”
“Pace Till Death” (Bathory cover)

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