Armageddon Descends IV Fest 2016.03.12 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Armageddon Descends IV Fest 2016.03.12 – Vilnius, Lithuania

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ardef [800]After the third edition of “Armageddon Descends”, where one of the most essential extreme metal bands of nowadays underground have performed, heretic team “Nekrokatarsis” have begun preparing for next year’s assault.
The first act of “Armageddon Descends IV” festival – French black metallers AOSOTH. A group creating audial vibrations which not only beguile with its mature musical side, but altogether bring cold emotions and abstract visuals dissolving all norms. Equally important, the poetry created by AOSOTH is an integral component of the musical composition and together the listeners perversion, which represents total devotion to an authentic ritual. AOSOTH targets those want to be familiar with the other side, the beyond.
armdesThis will be a unique performance for AOSOTH, as this will be their first performance in the Baltic States and a rare appearance in Eastern Europe.
Each “Armageddon Descends” presents at least one band that strikes with uncompromising brutality and sadistic energy. The fourth cycle of the festival will be coronated by Polish INFERNAL WAR!
infwaINFERNAL WAR are one of the most barbaric bands of the modern metal scene that play mercilessly fast, forward-marching black metal blended with deadly overtones. The synthesis of nihilistic poetry entrenched in human scorn and the bestial sounds of INFERNAL WAR result in a devastating effect. Moreover, the band has been numerously praised for their solid and impeccable live performances that one will be able to witness during fourth “Armageddon Descends”. The band recently released their new album “Axiom” (2015) through “Agonia Records” which will be presented with full force live in Vilnius, March, 2016.
qeiBritain’s QRIXKUOR will be the openers of the IV festival edition. This will be the band’s first performance on the European mainland.
QRIXKUOR of London create a kind of bleak cavernous death metal that is highly addictive to fans of sonic surrealism. Compositions consisting of multi-layered riffs constantly in a struggle of building themselves up – a form which is difficult to put in the traditional monoliths of death or black metal to say the least. At the moment QRIXKUOR have released only a demo cassette (“Consecration of the Temple”, 2015), but an EP release is planned for until the end of this year through “Invictus Productions”, which has been stated to raise the already existing sonar monuments into a higher level.
Extreme music festival “Armageddon Descends IV”
Stage 1
AOSOTH – deadly black metal (France)
INFERNAL WAR – sadistic black/death (Poland)
QRIXKUOR – surreal death metal (United Kingdom)
Stage 2
Will range around various forms of extreme electronics – power electronics/noise/dark
Date: 2016.03.12
Venue: TBA (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Price: TBA
Organized by Nekrokatarsis
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