Arvas “Black Satanic Mysticism” review

Arvas “Black Satanic Mysticism” review

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Arvas “Black Satanic Mysticism


30 March 2015, what does this date means for You? Pre-last day of March? NO! It’ll be the day when will see the light pure black metal antichrist from Norway! I mean release date of Arvas “Black Satanic Mysticism” CD via ATMF records. Who told you Norway is dead and unable to do proper black metal stuff? If you’ll hear such things from anyone – just spit on his/her face! And Arvas will show you powerful hurricane of Norwegian black metal. Intro + ten songs + outro. This album will sink you into pure chaos and darkness, as was written above – Norwegian black metal, raw, catching and cold! Marching guitars, made sometimes with typical awesome thrash metal roots (typical ones Hellhammer/Celtic Frost etc), grim screams and deepest obscure atmosphere. Chaotic but beating raw drumming, some Epic tunes, excellent guitar solos… The whole album is truly catching, made with one type rhythms but each song sounds different thx good ideas of musicians. What I like most of all out of here? – Everything! I personally see this album as one of the best into black metal genre for this year, and when you’ll listen to this massacre – you’ll think same like me! Norway is still alive and still kick ass, and this is real pleasure to hear great stuff from OLD Norwegian band. This is not trendy crap, this is Pure Satanic Black Metal, raw, catching, Mystic and just GRIM! Definitely one of the best! For those into Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost!


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