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I'm just a Metalhead who's falling in love with Metal since at least 1987 and is active into the underground since 90's. Also I own (with myTHE BEST FRIEND EVER) a label - SEPULCROS PROD. Contact on FB - profile pic is the same as here.

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Review: Trauma “Comedy Is Over”

Trauma “Comedy Is Over” Deformeathing Production Now I have real fuckin’ pleasure to present legendary on Polish scene band. They were born in 1988 under another name, but ...
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Review: Eshtadur “Mother Gray”

Eshtadur “Mother Gray” Bleeding Music Records In every country there’re representatives for all kinds of Metal. This is of course also about Colombia (and other ones of Latin ...
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Review: STASS “The Darkside”

STASS “The Darkside” Mighty Music / Target Group Now in virtual reality everything’s possible and as easy as anything (of course if someone only has will of doing). ...
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Review: BOOL “Fly With Me”

BOOL “Fly With Me” Boersma Records Duisburg is well-known coz of its steel industry, large brewery König and (for football’s maniacs) MSV. But it has really long history ...
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Review: Cognizance “The Foreboding Impasse”

Cognizance “The Foreboding Impasse” Frankly, I was never big fan of writing reviews of stuffs containing only one song. Well, from technical point of view it doesn’t matter, ...
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Review: SECURE “Awake”

SECURE “Awake” Moscow is huge city with something like 12, 3 million residents (in urban area there live more than 17 millions) and of course there’s place for ...
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Review: SLICE OF SORROW “Execution”

SLICE OF SORROW “Execution” Metal Carnival Records There’re some bands who say that they play Melodic Death and/or Black Metal and are sweeter than candy. That’s why I’m ...
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Review: Menin “Lord of Pain”

Menin “Lord of Pain” Doom Stew Records Here we have three songs which the band put on Bandcamp and calls it EP. Well, I’m too orthodox to use ...
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Review: KROH “Altars”

KROH “Altars” Minotauro records Here we have another side-project who became regular band to do with. It was born in mind of Paul Kenney in 2011 and almost ...
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Review: PARATRA “Genesis”

PARATRA “Genesis” Well, when I saw the name of the band (which is Sanskrit term for “transcendental journey into the next world”) and an album title, I thought: ...
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Review: Calliophis “Cor Serpentis”

Calliophis “Cor Serpentis” Solitude productions The roots of this band are in east part of German city Chemnitz. But its base moved to the most populous city of ...
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Review: Bewitcher “Bewitcher”

Bewitcher “Bewitcher” Diabolic Might Records (LP) / Divebomb Records (CD) This name connotes to me with two great bands with very similar one. But both are dead, even ...
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Review: FROM NORTH “From North”

FROM NORTH “From North” Downfall records Here we have a young (founded last year) band from Varberg. This city isn’t big, even as on Swedish conditions, and there ...
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