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British Son, father and husband - in that order. Melomaniac slave to the Antichrist, metaphorically speaking...

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Review: Panphage “Jord”

Panphage “Jord” Nordvis Produktion As Sweden melts away its ancient Viking artefacts and bows to a cultural shift that is poison, we have Fjällbrandt of Panphage (ex-Panzerkampf) mourning ...
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Review: GENOCIDE PACT “Order Of Torment”

GENOCIDE PACT “Order Of Torment” Relapse records Genocide Pact released Order of Torment through their label, Relapse Records on 2nd Feb 2018. They’ve gifted us with 8 tracks, ...
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Review: DEFENESTRATION “Gutter Perdition”

DEFENESTRATION “Gutter Perdition” XENOKORP [Militia Series] Defenestration? I had to look the meaning up (blush) and what a lovely thought… to throw someone out of a window, Death ...
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Interview: UNTERVOID

After hearing Untervoids’ new miniLP I decided to ask for an interview. Konrad graced us with his time and here are the results: Who created the artwork for ...
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Review: ATOMWINTER “Catacombs”

ATOMWINTER “Catacombs” Trollzorn Atomwinter formed in 2010 and Catacombs is their’ 3rd full length release. OSDM is the order of the day and these Germans know what they’re ...
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Review: UNTERVOID “Untervoid”

UNTERVOID “Untervoid” Osmose Productions Poland has a great metal scene – they’re on the map and they’re in your playlists. Now two seasoned specialists, drummer Adam Sierzega (formerly ...
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