BALFOR “Black Serpent Rising” album release date and artwork revealed

BALFOR “Black Serpent Rising” album release date and artwork revealed

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Ukrainian Barbaric Black Metal horde BALFOR, which recently announced signing with legendary French black metal label Drakkar Productions, revealed the cover artwork and track listing for the band’s forthcoming effort, entitled “Black Serpent Rising”.
The “Black Serpent Rising” artwork created by Ukrainian artist Nurgeslag (Rotting Christ).

Cover art and album track-listing:


“Black Serpent Rising” track listing:

  1. Serpents Of The Black Sun
  2. Dawn Of Savage
  3. Unbounded Wrath Of Venom
  4. Heralds Of The Fall
  5. Among The Fallen Ones
  6. Wolfbreed
  7. A Vulture’s Spell
  8. Crimson Stronghold

BALFOR states:

We are very excited to reveal the first details of our new album entitled ‘Black Serpent Rising’. The cover artwork was created by a Ukrainian artist Nugeslag who was the talent and mastermind behind the cover artwork on the latest Rotting Christ albums. His work is unique and exquisite, and captures perfectly the whole concept of the album. A true piece of art!”

Black Serpent Rising” will be released January 15th via Drakkar Productions

The album was recorded at More Music Studio in Kyiv, Ukraine. Mixed and mastered at Blacklight Studio by Shaddar (Khors, Ulvegr, etc.).

BALFOR is a Ukrainian Black Metal band from Kyiv featuring Khors, Raventale and ex-Hate Forest members.

Thorgeir – vocals, guitars
Athamas – bass, vocals
Astaroth Merc – guitars
Khaoth – drums, percussion

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