BLOOMING CARRIONS to release debut on August 4 and reveal first track

BLOOMING CARRIONS to release debut on August 4 and reveal first track

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Iron Bonehead Productions sets August 4th as the international release date for Blooming Carrions’ debut demo, Sparkling Rotten Dreams, on cassette tape format. Hailing from Finland, Blooming Carrions were formed in 2014 by EvM, with the aim to create dark and twisted death metal. And indeed, that’s exactly the band does on the aptly titled Sparkling Rotten Dreams. Its mildew and rot can be felt upon first whiff, and its stench twists and malforms the further the demo goes on. In fact, the twisted ‘n’ idiosyncratic cover art perfectly encapsulates this first exposure to Blooming Carrions: lysergic and laconic one moment, bestial and bilious another, all wrapped together in a sort of illogical logic, bleeding fever dreams into the listener’s psyche. As a first recording, Sparkling Rotten Dreams is both stand-alone statement and suggestion of further fathomless depths to come. Three decaying hymns of etheric visions about death and destruction: this is Blooming Carrions’ Sparkling Rotten Dreams. Hear its opening track, “Crystalized Disembowelment” now:

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Blooming Carrions’ Sparkling Rotten Dreams
1. Crystalized Disembowelment
2. Oneiric Grave
3. Pulsating Black Pools


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