Brutal Assault festival: LINEUP FINISHING TOUCHES

Brutal Assault festival: LINEUP FINISHING TOUCHES

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This time Brutal Assault bring you the best of CZ & SK scene! But first sadly we have to inform you that POWER TRIP had to withdraw from our lineup since they are unable to perform for personal reasons. On the other hand US hardcore veterans MADBALL are ready to rock our stage instead! Talking about CZ and SK bands we are excited to welcome POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM, narcotic post-rock that takes you to the melancholic and gloomy world of H. P. Lovecraft. We are also pleased to bring two genre-smashing acts, SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION who have developed their own progressive sound called metal-soul, and unique crossover outcasts INSANIA celebrating 30 blasphemous years on the stage. If you want to hear some classic stuff, we would recommend you EXORCIZPHOBIA, straightforward crossover / thrash metal invoking bands like D.R.I., Nuclear Assault or Sacred Reich; DYSANGELIUM with their orthodox death metal craft or AVENGER with their black/death metal crushing since 1992. Hardcore fans could appreciate two promising CZ names – PRIMARY RESISTANCE, dirty hardcore/metal of former members of Disfigured Corpse, and SKYWALKER, unrestrained hardcore/punk touring all over the world. Last two bands of this announcement are intense industrial metal WAR FOR WAR and melodic dark doom metal DOOMAS.

Also many of you have asked for lineup by days. So here is a small teaser:
Wednesday August 9th – The Dillinger Escape Plan, Wintersun, Master’s Hammer, Metal Church…
Thursday Aug 10th – Emperor, Opeth, Hatebreed, Suffocation…
Friday Aug 11th – Electric Wizard, Clawfinger, Trivium, Morbid Angel…
Saturday Aug 12th – Architects, Eluveitie, Devin Townsend, Mayhem…


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