BURNING WITCHES – Release New Track By Track Video

BURNING WITCHES – Release New Track By Track Video

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BURNING WITCHES – Unveil more information about their upcoming record – release part three of their „Dance With The Devil“ track by track video – Ross The Boss and Michael LePond revealed as mystery guest musicians!

There’s only one week left until the highly anticipated BURNING WITCHES album „Dance With The Devil“ will see the light of day on 6th March! Today the third part of their track by track video series has been released. The girls finally reveal the secret about some spectacular guest musicians on the record: Ross The Boss himself (ex-Manowar) appears on the record as well as Michael LePond (Symphony X). Check out the footage here, which also contains some previews:

„The Final Fight“ is a glorious song, inspired by Manowar. It’s about a warrior that has lead a brave life, fighting his final battle“

the musicians explain. For the song „Battle Hymn“ legendary Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss joins the girls as a guest musician, as well as Michael LePond from Symphony X.

„Manowar is a big influence, especially for Romana“

Burning Witches explain.

„We are more than happy that Ross and Michael could join us for a song.“


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