CHAPTER V F10 “Pathogenesis” to be released on October 1st via Ashen Dominion

CHAPTER V F10 “Pathogenesis” to be released on October 1st via Ashen Dominion

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Ashen Dominion sets October 1st as the international release date for CHAPTER V F10‘ second full-length album Pathogenesis!
“Wrong Alien Endorphin” track revealed:

Blessed be, the Pathogen, demon of retribution. An amalgam of teratogenic suffering and morphine bliss. Incorporeal factor of genetic perversions and maker of divine forms whose wombs spill filth. His mouth are a vermilion wound, it brings death to alive.

Band bio:
Chapter V: F10 is another one project by Astaroth Merc, more known as a founder and composer of all the music of Raventale and as a participant of such projects as Deferum SacrumBalforP’hevda Phenomenon,Virvel Av Morkerhatet. The title of this project supposes the sense of the tenth clause of the fifth chapter of an International disease classification – “Psychic and behavior disorders as a result of alcohol abuse”. It’s lyrics and sounding discover the speculations on the aridity of joie de vivre and absurdity of the self-preservation tendency.

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