COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE signs with MORIBUND RECORDS and preparing new album

COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE signs with MORIBUND RECORDS and preparing new album

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cnvMoribund Records announces the signing of American black metal cult Cold Northern Vengeance. Cold Northern Vengeance started its quest for gnosis in the coldness of New Hampshire anno 2002. Patiently perfecting its craft, the band released a series of demos and splits throughout the first decade of the new millennium. This all culminated in the stirring debut album Domination and Servitude, released in 2008 to critical acclaim by Bindrune Recordings. Throughout the course of time, founding vocalist/guitarist Heathen has worked with many artists, friends, fiends, enemies, psychopaths, and other assorted characters to solidify a uniquely steel-clad identity. And now, Cold Northern Vengeance is finalizing its second album (and debut for Moribund), Maelstrom. The saga has been forged in blood, sweat, tears and too many beers: soon, Moribund Records will confirm the release date of Maelstrom, as well as its cover and tracklisting.

“After 13 years of forging the musick of Cold Northern Vengeance, I am proud to have the legendary and prolific Moribund Records as the label to bring you what is, without a shadow of a doubt, my strongest material in terms of songwriting, lyrics, and vision!” states Heathen. “It is a very storm-like album with a nod to many of my influences while still coming off as unique, idiosyncratic, and dare I say, original. For best results, listen to this on a dark and stormy night, preferably by the raging seas. It has hidden depths and trance-inducing sounds full of pagan revelation. This is my ode to New England and all its witching wonders. Hail to Moribund, and hail to the hypnotic ocean of time and our Hidden Gods waiting to be found!”

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