DEAD SOUL “The Sheltering Sky” review (by Dima ‘Droll’ Entis)

DEAD SOUL “The Sheltering Sky” review (by Dima ‘Droll’ Entis)

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deadsoul [800]DEAD SOUL “The Sheltering Sky”
Century Media Records
When master Jhonny Cash performed “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails – it was an masterpiece, dark and very powerful in its simplicity.
But what will happen if unite not only different, but quite the opposite music genres? Electronic music and blues? Is it possible at all? Swedish duet Dead Soul not only say “yes”, but make some masterworks.
Usually musicians are collaborate based on their mutual taste or some artistic approach. But in case of Dead Soul there can be seen a stark contrast between creators.
Vocalist and guitarist Anders Landelius, aka Slidin’ Slim has been a well-respected bluesman for more than a decade. Multiinstrumentalist and producer Niels Nielsen, in opposite, was raised in the world of electronic music. Also he reveres alternative rock and producing such diverse bands as Ghost (Infestissumam album) and death-metalers Maim.
As a band, Dead Soul emerging at 2012 and soon receive an offer for album record from Razzia Notes’ – recording company by Anders Fridén (In Flames). First show with Ghost was quite impressive, and in 2013 duo recorded their first LP In The Darkness. It recieved many positive feedbacks and was on many best-album-of-the-year-lists. And so, two years later is the second album The Sheltering Sky.
Dark and melancholic music, full of electronic sounds and samples, emphasize with live guitar and great blues vocals. Lyrics are so gloomy sometimes, it can refer music not to “industrial-blues”, but to Doom. Maybe that’s how will sound Nick Cave and Tom Waits in a world of cyberpunk. All of this make this duo so dark-charming. Connect the things that aren’t seemed to be connectable, join them in one beautiful piece – it is a best sign of a real talent and professional approach. Listeners should not afraid of words “electronic music”, but plunge in the fascinating in its darkness abyss of “devil’s music”, how blues have called in the XX century.
Dead Soul will play their new songs from the album on tour with Ghost, that starts on November 9, at Helsinki.
The Sheltering Sky will be released on October 23, by Century Media Records.
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