EDxKEMPER “Cut Her Head And Love Her” album stream

EDxKEMPER “Cut Her Head And Love Her” album stream

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EDxKEMPER – band from Athens, Greece. Started as a 3-piece, back in December of 2013, with the idea to play as fast and violent that could. After various line-up changes and lots of time composing-rehearsing material they hit the studio to record 10 tracks for an EP. The recording/mixing proccess was done by sound engineer Greg Skouras and band. The mastering was done by Dan Swano. All graphics and visuals by Dark Ink Terrorismo (ex Grid visuals). Guys wanted a different lyrical approach as it is usual on this genre. On this EP, lyrics are getting into the psychosynthesis of Edmund Kemper, a highly inteligent serial killer. Band currently playing shows inside Greece to promote the EP, but in the meanwhile already working on full length songs. ‘Cut her head and love her’ – debut EP is going to be released on CD (Symbol Of Domination) and TAPE (other label).


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