EUCHARIST sets release date for demos collection

EUCHARIST sets release date for demos collection

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unnamed (Копировать) Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present a special vinyl pressing of Eucharist’s Demise Rites demo collection, set for international release on November 27th. Comprising two cassettes from 2011 – the selfsame Demise Rites debut and Tenebrous Summoning later that year, both limited to 50 copies but only half of which were circulated on dubbed tapes and Xeroxed covers – the full six-track compilation of Demise Rites introduced this solitary Australian to the metal underground with an air of mystery and malignancy. However, the label who released the Demise Rites compilation folded in 2012 not long after its release, which was limited to only 100 copies. Now, immortalized on vinyl, Eucharist shall have its rightful opportunity to infect more listeners worldwide and with ever more diseased tones than before. Remastered by BR especially for vinyl, Demise Rites is an absolutely punishing and overwhelming experience considering all material was recorded on a broken analog 4-track tape machine. Verminous and archaic, Eucharist hails such gods of primitivism/atavism as Archgoat and Demoncy, and suitably create an un-comforting white web of death, heaving and hulking in its lurking menace. Death, rebirth… behold Eucharist’s Demise Rites. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
unnamed (4) (Копировать) Side A:
I – Tenebrous Summoning
II – Shadow-Sun
III – Decrepit Apparitions
IV – Below the Earth
Side B:
I – Gates Of Doom
II – Demise Rites

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