Festival report: UNITED METAL FORCES

Festival report: UNITED METAL FORCES

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May 13, 2017 was not just the day, but the day of huge event according to Ukrainian musical events. Jolly Roger concert agency organized some kind of ‘high-day’ for all the fans of speed, heavy and punk stuff – “United Metal Forces” festival! Organizers brought such metal beasts like Australian Bastardizer, Canadian Skull Fist and some more interesting bands.

First thing I would like to do is to bring the shame to those Ukrainian metalheads who didn’t visit “United Metal Forces”! Such fucking killer event and so little amount of fans in spite of the fest was in capital city of Ukraine – KYIV! Of course, next time organizers will think 10 times about to do or do not to do such an event… But I’m sending huge respect to all those who was there!

I also cannot miss to mention how much I am proud by our Ukrainian bands who participated on this fest: they just proved that they are able to create worth and powerful music and perform it live! Even in case if Ukrainian fans won’t be impressed – musicians should be sure they will be interesting for Western territories (+ Japan of course).

Well, festival started with little delay, but this is typical thing for everywhere except of England, so I do not see any negative thing with this fact.

I was excited to see what the kind of ‘surprise band’ will perform. And the ‘surprise band’ was Ukrainian WARWAR, who plays killer old-school thrash metal, with some death and black metal tunes. Nice and confident performance.

Second band was ACID TERROR (now – TIGER PUNCH) – Ukrainian band also. Their performance was maybe one of the best from the whole event! Musically they play classical heavy metal with catching rhythms, etc. Why their performance was one of the best on the event? Just because:
1) killer music,
2) very impressive and top professional behavior!

I had just impression like I seen some old and experienced band! I see huge future for them if they going to continue with the same way!

Next band entered on the stage was SPIKERS with such huge overdose of metalpunk! Kick ass rhythms and just nice performance, playing/speaking with the public, non-stop madness and hellish energy.

And then – not just my personal opinion but many people also – there were three bands which were not fitting an event at all.

Polish WOSTOK: some kind of hardcore and crossover, but in my personal point of view musicians are not sure what do they want to play. They are able to keep and use their instruments and etc., but performance wasn’t interesting for me. Moreover, their kind of music sounds too modern what is not my cup of tea.

DESERT NEAR THE END from Greece: musicians play on very good level, but their music was not like a right format for an event: some kind of modern metal with power and thrash metal rhythms here and there. The performance was very good but surely not for “United Metal Forces” format.

Italian PULVIS ET UMBRA is the same non-format band – some kind of “jumping metal”. Again, they played and performed good but not for this event and not for those who came there to get real metal energy.

Time X! Australian BASTARDIZER! That was fucking amazing performance! Old-school black thrash’n’roll! Fucking massive, catching, full of diabolic energy and just as it should be! Musicians ‘destroyed’ the stage with every single song. Fans were just sick, headbanging and you could see there a real madness! I listened to the Bastardizer’s music before but I did never saw them live, so I was really happy to see their set and to headbang during their killer music played! Horns up!

Finally: Canadian SKULL FIST. I was waiting for them of course! Their entire show was typically killer, with both music and performance, top-professional, memorable and with massive walls of metal! Of course, Skull Fist is very experienced band, so in spite of not so many fans in the venue they played as good as they could, and both musicians and fans were happy! Some funny things on the stage, stagediving and many more! Skull Fist played pretty amount of songs, so their performance finished the gig with the good feelings!

Unfortunately German thrashers GUMOMANIACS were unable to come in Ukraine so their performance has been canceled. Sadly, because I had a hope to see them also, but what can I do?

To conclude – huge respect and gratitude to
1) Jolly Roger agency
2) the bands
3) the fans who came there and supported such unusual for Ukraine event!

I hope organizers will set up such killer event again ASAP!

Ukrainians can check their events here – https://www.facebook.com/Українське-концертне-агентство-JOLLY-ROGER-296958177357731/

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