Finnish Shamanic Metal band IA set release date for their conceptual album “initIAtion”

Finnish Shamanic Metal band IA set release date for their conceptual album “initIAtion”

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Finnish Shamanic Metal band IA set June 26th, 2020 as the international release date for their conceptual album “initIAtion”! Drums for the album was co-arranged and performed by Abbath‘s Ukri Suvilehto.

Tracklisting and cover art are as follows:
1. PromethIA
2. IA
3. Blackcurrent
4. The Golden King of the Forest
5. The Initiation pt1: The Initiation
6. The Initiation pt2: The Collapse
7. The Initiation pt3: Skeletonize

IA is a Finnish, Hellsinki-based shamanic musical / visual concept designed to induce states of trance and bring the listener beyond the limits of ordinary awareness, into realms of full-blown psychedelia and spiritual insight. The IA experience consists of polyrhythmic patterns, groovy riffs and deep, psychedelic atmospheres combined with the heavy, powerful sound of straight-forward metal, all bathed in blacklights and wrapped in UV-active decorations. IA’s debut album initIAtion is a concept album rooted on different shamanic and mystical traditions, personal experiences and stories. It conveys a tale of the birth of a shaman: from the realization of the inherent inner power to the healing of the self and ultimately to the death and rebirth of the shaman-to-be. On the other hand, it’s a story of a soul’s struggle in fulfilling it’s inescapable destiny to become a medium between the ordinary and the spirit world. With live shows in mind, the narrative is carefully weaved within progressive drama-driven arrangements and dynamic soundscapes ranging from tranquil meditative moods to ecstatic metal mayhem.
A single from the album, “The Golden King of the Forest”, will be released on Fri 12.6.2020 and the full album on Fri 26.6.2020 on major digital platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Deezer and Apple Music. IA can be found at as well as at FB/IG by the account
We are IA, we are hIA!

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