Forndom signs with Nordvis + video

Forndom signs with Nordvis + video

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Nordvis records says:

It is with great pleasure and inspiration that we present the collaboration between Nordvis and multi-artist L. Swärd of FORNDOM; a cooperation that extends into future horizons, and will offer two future creations as well as a re-release of the EP “Flykt”.
As both parties delve into the realm of musical tones with an affinity towards nature and Nordic folklore, it stands clear that this will be an interesting journey; an adventure that reflects a deep fascination with that which lurks beyond the borders of society.

FORNDOM, inspired by Scandinavian folklore, mythology and nature, presents us with music at its most enchanting; where the ritualistic goes hand-in-hand with the otherwordly. A reflection from ancient days, when people lived in harmony with nature; all rendered in a wonderful aural. If one were to draw a parallel to similar artists, Wardruna and early Arcana spring to mind.

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