Gluttony / Sordid Flesh split review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

Gluttony / Sordid Flesh split review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

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Gluttony / Sordid Flesh
Vic records

So we have two Swedish bands here. GLUTTONY comes from Sundsvall and SORDID FLESH from Sandviken, so from not so very distant places (as for Sweden). But geographic aspect isn’t the only thing which is common for them. It’s even not the fact that they’re both relative young ones. This is first of all genre of music which they play – old good Death Metal in Swedish style! We can even see this fascination after pics of bands.

Well, I can’t see anything strange in that! In both bands play very well-known, especially on Swedish scene, musicians who were raised on music like that. I can risk this thesis even if I don’t know them personally. And I’m sure that I’m right! That’s coz I know that playing like that was always (since early 90’s) popular among us Metalheads. Besides this conclusion comes also from listening of other bands where most of them play/played.


As first come GLUTTONY with their six songs. They’re mostly in rather fast or middle tempos and it makes first of all a drummer – Johny Henriksson. Well, rarely, but it happens that we have here almost Doom ones. By the way he plays METAL longer then some of you who’re reading this review are old. Anyway, the fact that this fast tempo and in some way brutality comes from this instrument doesn’t mean that he beats mindless in that. OH NO! Everyone who had to do with drums (or at least is able to listen carefully) will notice how good he is in this job! Guitar plays regular and without any dispensable fanciful patents. Just some “easy” solo from time to time and that’s it. Riffs aren’t so complicated, too. Sometimes will “awl” bass a little. Growling is also just as it should be, we can even say: “lawful”. In general we have irresistible impression that we heard it earlier. Connotations with old Gods of Swedish Death Metal come automatically. And that’s exactly what I love!


Then SORDID FLESH comes with their five compositions. As to music I just could retype almost everything what I wrote about GLUTTONY. I could, but I’ll don’t do it! Especially that between both bands there’re some differences. Death Metal in release of Sandviken’s crew is a little more influenced by American, sometimes Dutch school, of course also these old ones! But the same as in case of guys from Sundsvall here’s no fuckin’ compromises! That’s truth that we have here more middle tempos, Fredrik presents a little other kind of growling (actually it’s something between clean singing and growling – as we called it in Poland in 80’s and early 90’s: that’s classic “rip up of kisser”). We can also have impression that here’s a little more guitars, in songs happens more… You know, some riffs are maybe a little more melodious. Well, in SORDID FLESH we have to do with two guitarists and that’s why band has bigger possibilities on this field. Drums are also (not always, but…) maybe a little more Punk.

A MUST for all old school Deathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)


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