HACAVITZ’ new album release date + song stream

HACAVITZ’ new album release date + song stream

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Dark Descent Records will release new HACAVITZ full-length Darkness Beyond, the next audio installment of the storied Mexican band’s reign of terror. New track “Deadream” is streaming here:

The new album is a musical departure for HACAVITZ. While long players like 2005’s Venganza, 2007’s Katun, and 2010’s Metzli Obscura were grounded in bestial Death/Black Metal, on Darkness Beyond the group has shed it Death Metal influences in favor of superbly crafted Black Metal hymns. Ferocity and grimness permeate what turns out to contain the most memorable material of HACAVITZ’s outstanding body of work.

Track List:

1. Terra Nihil
2. Deadream
3. Livskit
4. Darkness Beyond
5. Herejia
6. De Humo Negro y Ceniza
7. Time is Now


Antimo Bounanno – Vox & Guitar
Ivan Ochoa – Guitars
Cesar “Led” Sanchez – Drums
Ulises Sanchez – Bass


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