HATE ETERNAL “Infernus” review

HATE ETERNAL “Infernus” review

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hateeterHATE ETERNAL “Infernus”
Season of Mist
Hate Eternal is a famous band with good history, long 4 years fans waiting for their new album, and now here it is, completely new album. For those who do not know, band left Metal Mind and now signed with Season Of Mist records, good it or bad – who knows, fans do not care about label, the main thing – availability and proper musical content, hehe! Here are 10 tracks, I listened to “Infernus” for about 10 times during three days, and I have got the only positive emotions! Hate Eternal is into death metal still, made with full of power, energy and full of catching rhythms. Sounds pretty fresh, but often sounds like some mixture between Morbid Angel slow-downs with Behemoth’s twisted structure, anyway, this is Hate Eternal, and they knew how to execute obscure sounds on a good level! Songs structure is enough typical, made with both mid, slow and fast tempos, and with really dark atmosphere; each songs comes with wall of sounds, pressing and merciless, sometimes even melodic. Record quality is top-notch as well, with underlined all instruments, brilliant bass lines and drumming, together with sick vocals and pressing guitars. Was there something lost while album composing? Hm, from my point of view – no, all made correct… So, Hate Eternal is still alive and kick ass, thus all death metal fans from the all around the world –prepare your funds to get this piece of dark and technical brutality!
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