Infernal Manes “Infernal Manes” review

Infernal Manes “Infernal Manes” review

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Infernal Manes “Infernal Manes

Edged Circle Productions

Wow! I see Norway become more and more old-fashioned:). The guys known from Taake, Deathcult, Dead to This World etc gathered to show they still remember glorious days of heavy metal! Without any irony I can assume you Infernal Manes know what old-school heavy metal is all about. Of course there are myriads of bands worldwide who playing the same and even better! BUT, known names still known names, so there will be many attentions towards this Norwegian band even if they would play some shit, but LUCKILY this album proves us another side – i.e. here is kick ass music! Five tracks of purest old-fashioned heavy metal, with NWOBHM huge touches, and sixth track – great cover of King Diamond’s “Come to the Sabbath”. Once listen to this album you’ll return to it again and again, personally I listen to “Infernal manes” for about two days and I’ll listen to it more and more. How to describe this music? It’s not difficult not easy at the same time, I’m sure here will be enough to name couple bands, like Manilla Road and early Accept with Iron Maiden, enough? I’m sure! Old-fashioned music and great old-fashioned atmosphere, which driving you back into the glorious days of Heavy Metal, pure and honest, catching and memorable, thrilling and measured at the same time, and this list could be endless… I wanted to find some negative thing in their music, but, excuse me – I could not find it… Thus I only can conclude – this is the next heavy metal masterpiece among others. Wait until January 12th, 2014, to get your own copy, as I understood – “Infernal Manes” will be released on Vinyl exclusively; so those who using CD’s only – be hurry to buy turntable, hehe! One more word – Do NOT miss!

P.S. Edged Circle prods owned by Iscariah.


(c) Aleksandr Maksymov



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