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Sorgspell, the debut demo from Poland’s Cultum Interitum, is a solid atmospheric black metal release that fans of the genre will enjoy. This is what vocalist Eredin had to say about the band and the demo.

Talk about the cover art for Cultum Interitum: Dore, one of the Inferno illustrations. Why did you choose that piece?  
The illustration is strictly connected with the message we want to deliver. A lot of humans who say to believe in God try to look for some strength, faith, and sense of life. However, when no one answers their requests and prayers, they often suffer with pain and sadness. The point is that people don’t take a fight with their adversary. The man holding the head can be a warning for weak people, that believing in something which is supposed to control and have power over you is senseless. If you don’t take a fight with the opposites in your life, you will be defeated.

What drew you to metal, and specifically black metal?
Well, I just felt that it’s the music that gives me strength and motivation.

What are you working on next? Will we see a full-length from you soon?
Currently, we are working on two things; an album and a split album. But these two releases will differ from one another. The material for the split album will be more classic black metal, with some atmospheric, depressive influences, whereas the full-length album will be more dark and organic than our debut demo.

What are your songs about ?
The dark side of religion. Satan.

What do you feel is the power of black metal, as it evolves?
It’s mainly people who believe in that music and who know that black metal is not just music, but part of your life, part of you. Next thing that makes that power of black metal when it comes to its evolution is how people want to express their thoughts and feelings in the way they make music. And the last thing, in my opinion, is to stay individual, not to just copy some band’s style…

Are you planning any live shows?
Yes, we have already played two shows, like two months ago. Of course, we are planning to do some more shows in the near future.

What are your other influences, aside from music?
My own reflections about the world and religion. It can also be some inspiration from other forms of art, like books, film, theatre.

Favorite quote?
I have not seen a man who is not god already.”


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