Interview: Mike Eginton of EARTHLESS

Interview: Mike Eginton of EARTHLESS

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Your latest album Black Heaven came out last year. What has the reaction to the album been like since you released it?
So far the majority of reviews and feedback we’ve gotten have been positive. We’re pretty pleased with that. You never know.

Have you got any plans for any new material for a new album at the moment and if you have, when can we expect it?
We currently working on a new record. We hope to record this December and have something out by next spring.

Would you record the new album at Joshua Tree where Black Heaven was done and inspired the album title?
Not sure. We haven’t yet discussed that. There’s a possibility.

How do you work on your songs, do you have ideas to start with and put them together or is it more of a jam based process?
Both. Usually we’ll have a few riffs and then jam on those for a while to see what comest out of it. There have been a few songs that we’re completely done when we started working on new material. Isaiah brought two of the vocal tracks to the table completely done for Black Heaven. That’s how the vocal tracks got in there.

You are renowned as an amazing live act. What do you bring to your live performance to ensure?
We just go full blast from the get go. Total sonic envelopment. We improvise a lot within the songs, so if people are familiar with a song it might be completely new to them when they see it live.

You recently released the live album, From The West. Do you think that the album captures the live energy of Earthless as much as possible?
I think it does. That was a good show. I think we played pretty well that night.

You’re playing Desertfest in Berlin and at the Roundhouse in London with Fu Manchu and All Them Witches amongst others. Are you looking forward to playing those shows and what can fans expect from your performance?
We’re definitely looking forward to the Desertfest shows. We’ve never played that festival before. I would assume the set would consist of material from Black Heaven as well as some of the older songs. We haven’t really talked about what we’re going to do yet. We’ll see.

What are your other touring plans for the rest of the year that you can tell us about and will you be playing any festivals this summer?
Not really sure yet. Tours are being booked as we speak. I’m assuming we’ll do a couple of u.s. runs and most likely return to Europe at some point during the summer.

Have you been playing a lot of material from Black Heaven live and how has it been received?
We’ve been playing the majority of the album live. Audiences seem to like it as far as I can tell.

What is your favourite song to play live and what makes it so special?
Of the new album I really like playing Electric Flame. I think what makes it special is that we all had an equal share in writing it. And it was written really fast. It’s just super fun to play. I also really like to play Violence of the Red Sea. There’s a lot of room to improvise in that song.

You are contributing a cover of a Black Sabbath track for a new compilation album. Can you tell us what song you’ll be doing and how this project came about?
I can’t yet say which song we’ll be covering. Magnetic Eye reached out and asked if we would like to participate. We recorded a track for the Electric Ladyland album they released a few years back. They’re really great people and we we’re stoked to be asked to work with them again.

What do Black Sabbath mean to you, both as a musician and a fan and what is your favourite Sabbath album?
As a musician I have to say that Geezer Butler is a huge influence on how I play bass. As a fan, in my opinion, they recorded some of the best heavy rock of all time. It’s hare to pick a favorite since they’re all good and unique. I would have to say it would be between Paranoid and Master of Reality. Paranoid is a perfect album from start to finish. There isn’t a weak song there. Master of Reality is so heavy. And the sound of the recording is so incredible. Really an amazing album.

What is your favourite riff of all time?
Man, that is a really difficult question to answer. Off the top of my head right now i’m going with Loose by the Stooges. That answer could change ten minutes from now though. Haha.

Tour dates:
27.04. RUS Moscow – Aglomerat
29.04. F Epinal – La Souris Verte
30.04. CH Pratteln – Z
01.05. D Munich – Feierwerk
02.05. D Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
03.05. D Berlin – Desertfest
04.05. NL Nijmegen – Sonic Whip
05.05. UK London – Desertfest
07.05. F Paris – La Maroquinerie
08.05. F Bordeaux – Salle des Fêtes du Grand Parc
09.05. E Bilbao – Kafe Antzokia
10.05. E Madrid – Kristonfest
11.05. GR Athens – An Club

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