KORPIKLAANI – Release New Single “Pivo Pivo” [feat. Milan | ACHSAR]

KORPIKLAANI – Release New Single “Pivo Pivo” [feat. Milan | ACHSAR]

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Today, KORPIKLAANI  are pleased to release another adaption of their hit song ‘Beer Beer’. The newly launched lyric video for ‘Pivo Pivo’ which features ACHSAR vocalist Milan can be watched here:

The band states:

“Today we release our Slovakian Pivo Pivo from our a dear friend Milan,Achsar. We had timed this for our upcoming shows in Slovakia, however due to the current situation, we have had to reschedule to September. For our UK shows we had to postpone, we ask for more patience.”

Milan states:

“Story of my life, hehe. It was really fun and honor joining this project by side of the great singers from all around the world. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers!”


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