Murg “Varg & Björn” review

Murg “Varg & Björn” review

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Murg “Varg & Björn

Nordvis Produktion

Fuck jesus’ bones! Nordvis makes purest form of great present for all the fans of good old Scandinavian Black metal! Murg – I have NEVER heard about this band before, but I’m pratty hammy I know them now. This album bring my mind back into early of ‘90s, when (now) famous bands just started their blaspemous path! Intro + seven hell-tracks, fueled by pure darkness, emptiness and old-school spirit. Murg mixed black metal darkness and aggression together with some epic  tunes , and as a result we got really awesome stuff! Personally I have found next roots – crushing yet aggressive, furious and dark rhythm-section which wil remind you old Gorgoroth, and deep epic atmosphere from same early Enslaved… The only thing I have found not too good was album’s sound… How to complain… Look, the whole sound on this record it raw, too raw and what I do not like – with too many treble, from my point of view, they could did it with MID of those trebles, would be enough, in aim to get a bit hard sound, but we have what we have. All in all, aforementioned thing does NOT affect on the whole album critically, great music just recover this minus. Well, returning into the music itself; all the songs are more than great, but I would like to underline one of my favorte over the whole playing time, it is “Massvandring & Blodbad”! The song is truly ewesome! Started with acoustic parts and then turned into measured Epic, Atmospheric and very catching song, fuled with the same clearest Nordic spirit! Argh! That’s all, I just won’t waste your precious time and write too many senseless words, I just can conclude – “Varg & Björn” Highly recommended to all the oldgoats who still want hear some Pure Scandinavian Black Metal, fuck the posers, fuck melodic shits, fuck trends, fuck the popes and fuck the fucking god, Scandinavian BLACK METAL scene is still alive and kick ass! Dark as Hell, strong as Viking’s spirit, merciless like Death… this is Murg! Antichrist highly recommends!


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(c) Aleksandr Maksymov

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