Mythrias Melodic Death / Thrash Metal band official stream

Mythrias Melodic Death / Thrash Metal band official stream

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Mythrias Group PhotoThe seed for Mythrias was planted in the fall of 2012 by Taylor Andjelkovic and Tyler Clark (Inoculation, Apothaeon). Having a mutual love for both death metal and thrash metal, the two set out writing upon first meeting. With the addition of Mike Mion to the lineup, Mythrias was able to begin recording their material that soon followed. On the evening of January 26th, 2013 the band started work on its first collaborative effort that would eventually become the song “Absolving the Treacherous”. After a few lineup changes, and new recruits found in Christian Krucker (Merciless Reign, Apothaeon) and Josh Gatka (Eternal Legacy), Mythrias took its first steps into the world and played shows for a good portion of 2014 as well as released its first demo entitled The Rise of Mythrias that November. In 2015, we had Matt Behner (Fully Consumed, Inoculation, Year of Desolation, and many others) join us full time on drums. We played many amazing shows and released an EP entitled Absolving the Treacherous in September of that year as well. We have several plans for the upcoming 2016 year and would love to have you on board for the ride.

Mythrias has opened for several bands including: Dark Tranquillity (second ever show), Exmortus, Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, SepticFlesh, Moonspell, Vatnett Viskar, Act of Defiance, and Allegaeon.
The word “Mythrias” is derivative of what some call the “Mithraic Mysteries.” This was a mystery religion that came about in ancient Rome from around the 1st to 4th century AD that was focused around the Greek god Mithras (Persian: Mithra). There is relatively little known about the religion since no narratives or theology survive. What is known however is that the religion had come about around the time that Christianity started to grow among Roman culture. Some view the religion of Mithras to be the Pagan response to this Abrahamic religion.

For us, the word “Mythrias” is the name for the kingdom or nation that would be brought forth by the followers of this ancient pagan religion in the modern day. The birth of a world 2,000 years overdue. Mythrias is not only synonymous for the destruction and cleansing of the old world, but also for what will come in its’ stead: a world of strength, prosperity, and enlightenment. Those who wish to live in a better world, a just world, come join the ever-growing faithful of Mithras. Help us usher in a new era. Welcome the age of Mythrias with open arms!

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