Necromancy “Ancient Wrath” review

Necromancy “Ancient Wrath” review

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Necromancy “Ancient Wrath”
Nuclear War Now! Productions

First of all, pretty interesting thing. Sometimes our life have some really funny things, this year, September, 1st – children from all around the world will go to the school, will have fun and etc, but at the same time, hungry for new blasphemous music metalheads will go to the metal shops, to buy this mini album from Greek monsters, and will be the same funny as those children which will go to the school, hehe! Hell yeah! This is Greek Necromancy, the same band which can be named as “pre-Necromantia band”, which wasd founded back in far 1986, has recorded two demos and one split (yes-yes, with the Necromantia itself). I have pretty mixed feelings, bands looks like inactive at all, but from the other side we have this three songs EP… I do not know if this is new or old record, and I do not fucking care at all, why? – because these three tracks are more than kick ass and left deep in my memory! But, looking to the whole sounds, looks like this is something re-recorded or re-issued… Musically here is truly dark and obscure music… Some deeply severe old-school death metal, made in slow way, made with really heavy sound, truly blasphemous atmosphere, awesome rhythmical structure, supplied by unbelievable deep and catching guitar solos, and filled with the same obscure roars… This is not some kind of modern shit, but this is an EP which will turn you back into the long time ago passed good old times of Metal! We just highly recommend to get this Vinyl MLP with 20 minutes of pure old-school darkness when it’ll out!


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