Review: 100 YEARS “s/t”

Review: 100 YEARS “s/t”

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100years100 YEARS “s/t”
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It’s at least quite strange name, don’t you?!? I also know nothing about this band. The only information which I found in “info” sent together with album is that they’re from Sweden. But since Sweden is very big country (when we speak about territory) it’s very vague or at least broad one. On their FB’s site there’s a little more of it. As I see band exists already four years and there play experienced musicians. Name of at least one of them should be known especially to “old guardia” coz this is Roger Peterssson (known as Rogga – MERCILESS)! But if somebody thinks that music of 100 YEARS is at least a little similar to mentioned above legend of Swedish Death/Thrash Metal I have to hugely disappoint this person!

To tell you truth it has nothing to do with any traditional kind of Metal. But I said “traditional”! Amongst inspirations musicians mention VOIVOD. And yes, I can hear influences of this Canadian band, quite strong influences. Well, but it’s not so easy at all! I can also hear influences of other “strange” bands here. Those aren’t only Metal bands, by the way. Even with extremely huge good will it’s still impossible to tell about NEUROSIS or even more KILLING JOKE that they had/have something to do with Metal. Of course there’re some people who’ll say that VOIVOD also isn’t Metal band. But let’s be honest: they’ll be wrong and fuck bullshits!!!

Album contains nine compositions of something what musicians call Indie Metal. And this term, even if a little commonplace, describes quite well what happens here. Besides there’s so many elements of different musical styles that it’s impossible to classify it, so let the musicians decide how to describe it… ehehehehehehe… Music is in slow tempos and in the same time calm and mad, psychedelic. The main role here play guitar. Riffs aren’t complicated and, at least seemingly, easy to play. From time to time they create some mad melodies, too. Very often they have something hypnotizing, something what makes that even if we’re not true-blue fans of such playing (like me) we want to listen to it longer than one time. The same we can say about bass and drums, anyway. What takes vocal it’s something between clean singing, screaming whisper and growling; there’s even a moment when it connotes with Black Metal in some way. Well, to tell it easier: it sounds like madman’s confession.

And in this case I’m sure that it’s huge compliment for… Roger, Pontus, Magnus and Henrik (unfortunately I didn’t find information who’s responsible for which instrument – I know only that Roger in MERCILESS is/was a vocalist; as I know band still exist, but the last release came out in 2004, so…).

OK, that’s it!!! Listen to 100 YEARS if you’re crazy enough (like me) or want to become crazy!!!!!!

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Bart Tomaszewski

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