Review: Abhordium “Omega Prayer”

Review: Abhordium “Omega Prayer”

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Abhordium Omega Prayer

The band was found in 2005, but it took them whole four years (a little more actually) to release their EP Declaration of Perdition in form of digipack, which is their first official stuff, as far as I know. If you’ll call it, just like guys, EP or a demo it doesn’t matter, I guess. I think the fact that they worked so long on this stuff was connected with often changes in line-up, by the way. After two years the first full-length came out. And since October 27th last year we can enjoy Omega Prayer.

And I didn’t use word “enjoy” just like that. This album contains almost forty one minutes (nine songs) of Death with huge element of Black Metal. Perhaps I even should say that Black somehow dominates here. Especially “Dreary Touch of the Void” or “At the Highest Temple” are in itself steeped in strict Black Metal, majestic, sometimes maybe even a little depressive atmosphere. I mean, another songs also ooze darkness, but in other way mostly. Anyways, this is first of all thanks to riffs. They’re very often broken as well and this surely is what connects this music with Death Metal, even if some of them are quite characteristic for Black. Jarkko play variable, technically and dark in the same time. This darkness makes that creativity of Finnish is surrounded by specific aura.

And this is both about slower and faster fragments. However, there’s more these faster ones here, I feel. The same is about vocal. Kari growls and does it mostly in Death Metal way, but there’re some fragments where you’ll connect it with Black for sure. This is about something what it oozes, in my opinion. Arttu uses cymbals often (they sound a little different, by the way) and drums variously, changes tempo. Bass rather is hidden, but if you listen carefully you’ll appreciate Henry’s work.

The album was released as a self-release on CD and digital format and is distributed by UK’s Plastic Head. Check it out and you’ll know why I think like that!

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Bart Tomaszewski
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