review: ALTAR OF OBLIVION “Barren Grounds”

review: ALTAR OF OBLIVION “Barren Grounds”

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ALTAR OF OBLIVION “Barren Grounds”
Shadow Kingdom

Denmark is rather little country, but with rich history instead. In northern part of that is located city of Aalborg. It’s fourth largest city of whole country with its more than 110.00 habitants. Aalborg has of course a lot to offer to tourists, but also on the field of education – several universities. Of course that’s all very interesting, but we’re here not for that!

And now all who thought after reading the name of band that it has something to do with Black Metal should rise the best left hand! YEAH!!!!!!!! Even I had to do it right now… But we all were wrong! ALTAR OF OBLIVION calls their music by Epic Heavy Metal or something like that. Well, maybe there’s something wrong with my ears, but for me it has almost nothing to do with Heavy Metal. I also understand in “a little” other way what is epic and what isn’t, it seems! But let’s leave these theoretical divagations and let’s talk about music without taking care how we’ll call it!!!

“Barren Grounds” is an EP and that’s why contains only four songs. But it’s released in two formats – as CD and tape, instead. Well, I’ll be honest: for me that’s good that I have to listen to only four songs! It doesn’t mean that they’re bad; they’re just boring for me, too calm, mostly without power and this Metal or at least Rock claw… In first song called “State of Decay” it’s not so bad with that – thank to quite aggressive riffs which we have mostly here. Drummer (Thomas Wesley Antonsen)) plays also with balls in this song. There’re also some very calm fragments here, too, but they’re rather something that makes music more variable. Later we have some lullabies in comparison with which SCORPIONS plays almost Death Metal. I have no idea why but it reminds me METALLICA – unfortunately not from their best period or even last album. So I have no fuckin’ idea what is connection between this what I hear on “Barren Grounds” and Heavy Metal! I know that I say the same thing second time in short time, but…

To sum up this review I have to say again that Danish don’t play bad from technical or any other point of view! It’s just absolutely not what I can like and listen to. Well, maybe when I’ll have problems with falling asleep it’ll be good choice. Otherwise… But probably there’re some who like music like that. It’s absolutely not me, by the way!!!

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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 45%
45 %
User Rating : 3.7 (2 votes)

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