Review: Azator “Horrors Of Aeons Past” [Corpse Torture Records]

Review: Azator “Horrors Of Aeons Past” [Corpse Torture Records]

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Azator are a band from Argentina that have been around since the mid 2000’s, having only dropped a demo in 2008, and finally an EP at the cusp of this year titled Horrors From Aeons Past. Truly, this is one of the better blackened thrash groups that I’ve heard in a while, as the chilling delivery of black metal vocals compliment the thrashy riff style exceptionally. Moreover, it’s rare to find blackened thrash that’s this pure; meaning other genres like death metal or metalcore aren’t sneaking into the mix.

Operatic background howls are a prominent feature that blend quite well with the blasting yet steady drum kicks. “Satan’s Hole” focuses in on this a lot, and it’s utilized to bridge together the two halves of the song, with a clean lick breaking the hazy air near the end. What really helps this stand out is the placement of everything vocally and instrumentally. “Gods Of Nagash” has multiple layers of vocals that give them more life, and the guitars jumping from background to foreground acts in the same manner. The further you dive into the song, the more you can pick this up, with cymbal crashing ultimately tying everything together.

Tremolos and rolling bass kicks all played in a more calm manner are a heavy part of the build, and the haunting keys and operatic backings help simmer it down, making it rather accessible. “Dream Of Pleasure” is probably the tightest song regarding slower ones. The piano in “Ritual Of Blood” is also very soothing for this type of effort / Every moment from opener “As a Sacrifice” to that closer are incredible. Ultimately, this release serves as a great platter even for those like myself who aren’t really into black metal, and it’s evil in great respects. It also includes two tracks at the end from the demo they put out in 2008. Horrors From Aeons Past is a shorter disc, and well worth your time. I really hope this gets a CD release at some point.

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Nichalas Edward

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