Review: BEHEXEN “The Poisonous Path”

Review: BEHEXEN “The Poisonous Path”

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behexen-the-poisonous-path-digipack-cdBEHEXEN “The Poisonous Path”
Debemur Morti Productions

Who don’t know this Finnish band – especially if this person is interested in Black Metal?!? Well, I just think that it’s impossible to be fan of mention above subgenre of Metal and don’t hear at least one of their releases!!! I even “afraid” that it’s impossible to be Metalhead and never hear at least the name of this horde!!!

“The Poisonous Path” is their fifth full-length released by DEBEMUR NORTI PRODUCTIONS. As we all know Horns – dr, Hoath Torog – voc and newest in this company (but it doesn’t mean that unexoerienced) Wrath – guit released also three demos, splits with HORNA and SATANIC WARMASTER + EP “From the Devil’s Chalice”.  However this limited digipack contains ten hymns which warship Him in this or other way.

In general I have to agree with opinion that it’s pure, blasphemous Black Metal. Black Metal played mostly in frenzied tempos. I wrote “mostly”, because “Rakkaudesta Saatanaan” is very slow, even a little depressive. But even here musicians can’t stand this stagnation and from time to time Horns gives sign to speed-up. Some lower parts are also, of course, in other songs. Anyway, I can hear in music of our Finnish Metal-brothers touches of Death Metal or even other subgenres. The fact is that they’re very subtle and, let’s say, short. But in my opinion they’re… Wrath plays guitar very well, sometimes I have impression that it’s just dilatation of his hands. Si we can’t hear that we have to do with only one guitar here. At least it’s very hard to hear this! Riffs changes quite often, they’re differential and even in some way diversified – of course in the range of Black Metal. I mean, we have ANY experiments here, ANY “original” ideas. NO WAY!!! This is music which Lucifer and His friends like the best – uncomplicated, uncompromised and as brutal (of course in Black Metal this word means something different than in Death Metal) as possible. I heard even once or twice something what could be classified as solo, but…

OH… I almost forget to write that we have here some dark and the same blasphemous as music intros. In this or other case – just get this digipack as fast as you only can and warship Him by listening and headbanging!!! As I wrote this is limited edition, so hurry up!!!!


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