Review: CHRONIC HANGOVER “Nero Inferno Italiano”

Review: CHRONIC HANGOVER “Nero Inferno Italiano”

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CHRONIC HANGOVER “Nero Inferno Italiano”
Minotauro Records

Another guys that use some strange term to describe their music. To boot it’ll probably mislead you – just like it was in my case. When I was reading some “radical shit” words on their blue ‘f’, I was convinced that I’ll listen some Grind/Noise or stuff like that. But surprise waited on me when I was putting “play”.

It’s not about that I have something against Grind/Noise or something like that, of course. Contrary! I like to listen to this sometimes, but Italians play something what I could call Crossover in Metal meaning of this term. I know, I know… Hardcore and Grindcore are closely related to each other, but this radicalism must be more about lyrics than music, I guess. Anyway, they play since 2013, but I don’t have any other information, so you’ll have to write them to get know something more – for example if “Nero Inferno Italiano” is their debut or they released something earlier.

So, we have nine songs here which titles are mostly in Italian. That’s why I’m not able to tell you a lot about it. But I suppose that they’re strongly connected with social topics and so on. Well, on which’s in English seems to be Satanic one – “Lucifer in the Sky With Diamonds”, but I don’t have no lyrics.  As I mentioned before, musically it’s Crossover. Well, it’s not typical one surely, but I think that it’s the best term which can say you more or less what to expect. I hear here quite a lot of Hardcore, but also Thrash and some other styles. Riffs are mostly heavy and rather short. Well, Zorro plays very energetic, with element of aggression. He does it variable, too. There’s no technical displays, but let’s be honest – music like that doesn’t need shit like that! Yeah, “crying guitar” is sometimes, but that’s all!

The same I can say about Charlo (drums) and Rutto (bass). On one hand it’s nothing special in that, maybe. But on the other hand this is any jam session, but in its principle rather easy and surely easy-going music! What is important here, well – the most important in my opinion, is energy, power and stuff like that, As I said, Charlo drums variously which means quite a lot short passages or using cymbals often. If you ever heard music like that you know what to expect from Jacopo’s vocal. That’s full of emotions and that’re rather ones like fury, rage…

Somewhere on the beginning of this review I wrote that it’s not typical Crossover. And indeed, there’re influences of other genres of music. They’re maybe rather subtle, but hearable enough well to notice them – in riffs first of all. Well, this is also about bass’ work sometimes. Generally I have to say honestly that “Nero Inferno Italiano”s nice piece of Crossover.

Score 78%
78 %
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