Review: Corpsehammer “Perversión”

Review: Corpsehammer “Perversión”

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Corpsehammer “Perversión”
Morbid Skull Records

One of signs of our times is, among other things, the number of international bands. It is very easy to create something like that nowadays in era of social medias and so on. It even makes possible creating music by musicians who live on other continents. So, another example I met and write review of is formed 2016 CORPSEHAMMER. Some members live in Sweden, some in Chile.

But honestly I’m almost sure that all three members of the band are strongly (at least emotionally) connected with South America and scene from there. It is very hearable well in creativity of CORPSEHAMMER. And this is not only about Spanish lyrics, but first of all about feelings emanating from every single note of this music. That’s mostly playing in middle-fast tempo. But contrary to many European (especially coming from some northern country and bands who copy this style) acts presenting this kind of music guys play technically. This is truth, both riffs or passages aren’t “upmarket”, but still change often and you can feel that musicians think during the process of creation. There’re of some slow downs course, but it happens not too often and besides are rather short. Gaddur (drums) and Nekromonger (guitars) just run forward without any unnecessary displays. Midnight Horror’s voice adds more demonic element to music. His vocalizations are scram full of hatred and hell. In some way they remind me a little VULCANO, a little Bolivian BESTIAL HOLOCAUST.

Sound is rather dirty and this is a advantage in my opinion. Of course there’re some things to improve, but generally this is good piece of Black Metal in South American style. And it means that there’re hearable influences of other sub-genres of Metal. I’m happy that I have this stuff in my collection, by the way.

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Bart Tomaszewski
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