Review: Crucify Me Gently “Circles”

Review: Crucify Me Gently “Circles”

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crucifymegentlyCrucify Me Gently “Circles”

After long time of waiting and lots of problems inherent to young (honestly – most of) musicians, Ukrainians Crucify Me Gently releases their promised LP Circles.

According to the band, Circles – «is an existencial ode for the human being who is facing the unthinkable pain before and after death. The transcendental nightmare that all of us might witness». It needs to say that the band really managed to deliver these emotions with their music – blackened deathcore/sad aggressive, as it described by the band members.

Circles contains nine tracks, that covers the listener with their brutal power and not letting him off till the end of an album. There is no intro and no need to prepare the listener what awaits him in an album. From the first seconds an opener “Occultist” pounce with furious blast beats attack and great extreme vocals outfit – from low growls, nearly guttural to harsh vocals where you almost can distinguish the lyrics. All this infernal magnificence changing with breakdowns and clean, pensive guitar, but only to pounce with one more powerful and thunderous attack.

With this, there is some melody in an album. There isn’t many melodic parties, but they are creating gloomy and depressive atmosphere which is highlighted sometimes with clean vocals (“Delirium”, “Fame Will Fade”). Also there are some classic opera vocals and keyboards (“Darkness Swallows Me pt. II” – prolongation of the song from previous band’s release Eternal Torments from 2013). And of course “Bat’ku” needs to be mentioned: the first band’s song in Ukrainian. Protagonist’s pain delivered with the music so good, that it will be quite hard for the listener to escape from it.

However, the most unexpected track for me is “Future Is Dead” with some near prog metal riffs, screaming and melodic solo. With this, it cannot be said that the track is going out of the frame.

A few words about a cover, that made by Ukrainian artist Julia. There are four bodies on a black background in various positions that make a circle. Three of them have serene faces, but if you  look closely, some little but very important details that change the whole picture will unveil. Well, you should descry the artwork, especially in the original this is a real meter on meter painting.

For the end I want to say that Crucify Me Gently coped with the task for 100%. Blackened deathcore/sad aggressive with its brutal sound transmit not the aggression, but unbearable pain and agony, that protagonist experience. In some moment it seems to stop, and then the man is singing requiem for himself and his pain. But even death is separating them not for a long time.


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