Review Dark Funeral “Where Shadows Forever Reign” (by Ivona Bogner)

Review Dark Funeral “Where Shadows Forever Reign” (by Ivona Bogner)

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Dark Funeral “Where Shadows Forever Reign”

After a 7 years break, Dark Funeral are back. At the end of 2014, band released music video “Nail Them To The Cross” and revealed new vocalsit, Heljarmadr (Gra, Domgård, Cursed 13) and bass player Andreas Fröberg, Natt (Angrepp, Whithershin). Album recording started in February 2016 and by that time Natt was not the band member anymore. Lord Ahriman took the bass so the album was recorded. Of course, Chaq Mol is on the guitar and Dominator on drums. Band took Gustaf Hielm as session bass guitar player.

After a red set of cover art (Diabolis Interium, 2001; Attera Totus Sanctus, 2005; Angelus Exuro pro Eternus, 2009), with this album the band is back in blue period of cover arts (The Secrets of the Black Arts, 1996; Vobiscum Satanas, 1998).

“Unchain My Soul” at the first impression sounds calm, totally unexpected song to open the album. But shortly after those calm riffs, chaos begins. Middle of the album is a little bit slower.  “As One We Shall Conquer” and “Beast Above Man” are written in mid tempo which slowly leads to  “As I Ascend”. The song brings atmospheric and melodic touch. “Temple of Ahriman “The Eternal Eclipse” are typical Dark Funeral songs, “The Eternal Eclipse” maybe more than “Temple of Ahriman”.

“Nail Them To The Cross” is very catchy, so that might be the reason why it was choosen to announce album 6 months before it was released.

Overall, album is dark and heavy, melodic, sound is clear, riffs are catchy, vocals are traditional. Lord Ahriman shows both guitar and bass skills and he is damn good. I won’t comment Dominator technique. No words can describe his skills.

One is sure: Dark Funeral remains consistent. While some bands from Second Wave of Black Metal are experimenting outside genre, Dark Funeral stays in comfort zone. They kept their passion for creating true black metal sound which fans expected, they adhere philosophy they made.

Seven years are long waiting period, but if next album will be that good and even better, I will wait another 7 if needed.


(c) Ivona Bogner

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