Review: Destruction – Thrash Anthems II

Review: Destruction – Thrash Anthems II

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Destruction Thrash Anthems II
Nuclear Blast Records

Back in 2007, the German thrash legends Destruction put out Thrash Anthems, being a compilation of re-recorded earlier tracks with new production and touched up performances. Ten years later, they’re back with the same type of thing with Thrash Anthems II, a follow up to their previous full length effort Under Attack.

For what it’s worth, the production on this is undeniably strong, and cleans up a lot of the pit falls that existed in earlier work. For example, some of the high whines that cluttered the early undercooked songs are cleaned up and made more boisterous on this release. It also hones in more on the drums and shelling out a harsher and more threatening sound in general. A lot of hints of modern Kreator come to mind, which makes sense since they’re part of the same scene. Song choice wise, I can’t complain either. It rips not only from the ’80s classic era, but also vamps up some of the power unleashed on the 2000s records and tweaking them around a little bit. My only real complaint is that the clean production is almost a little to crystallized, making for it to sound samey at times. Either way, the performances are spectacular, and this makes for strong motivation to see the band live.

Much like W.A.S.P.‘s reboot of an entire album, this doesn’t seem like the most necessary release, but an interesting one nonetheless. At least it’s well put together and draws a solid selection. And it sure as shit is better than when Scorpions tried this (bless them, they’re still one of my favorites). Should we look forward to a Thrash Anthems III in 2027?

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Nichalas Edward

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