Review: Disorder “Fuego Negro”

Review: Disorder “Fuego Negro”

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Disorder Fuego Negro
Symbol of Domination Productions

Once in my home-city in Poland there existed band with the same name. What can be interesting that both these acts were created in more or less the same time (first half of ‘90’s – this one from Bydgoszcz was born two years earlier, in 1992) and even music is generally similar. But my folks recorded only two demos and unfortunately split-up. Honestly, it was quite similar situation with this one from capital of El Salvador, actually. Anyways it came back from ashes year 2011. Since this time guys released single: Hipocresia in 2014, split with Swedish TOTAL INFERNO Ina Etuti Asbu in 2016 and two albums: En el Río del Ovido (2014) and Fuego Negro last year.

As far as I know DISORDER was never regular band after its rebirth. I tell you even what: it bought back as solo project which was joined by some musicians with time. That’s why my friend Jorge, who’s the only founding member, plays both guitar and bass and since 2015 he sings, too. Besides there’s a drummer in DISORDER since 2014. However, Fuego Negro contains seven songs with Spanish lyrics. Musically this is real old-school Thrash/Death Metal we have to do with. Guys don’t play in some complicated lines and stuff like that. They just run forward; songs’ structure is easy. Except short, sharp and aggressive riffs Jorge serves us some solos and stuff like that from time to time. But it happens not too often and if you ask me – luckily. Thanks to it, music just invite us to headbanging and moshing. Iosif’s beating has even less complicated line. Someone could say that this is even a little monotonous sometimes. Contrary to appearances some interesting things happen there and it is often. And secondly I afraid this music lost its power with some sophisticated passages and so on.

In my opinion this is very good album and the band (the same like primary one of musicians: CONCEIVED BY HATE) is a proof that in so called exotic countries there live people with huge musical imagination and talent. That’s why I was always maniac of exploring such scenes.

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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 93%
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