Review: Doomstress “Sleep Among The Dead” [Ripple Music]

Review: Doomstress “Sleep Among The Dead” [Ripple Music]

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To say the least, Doomstress is definitely a band that needs to grow on you and isn’t going to appeal to those that seek instant gratification. Sleep Among The Dead is their most recent release, and it’s a bit of a dry doom record that gets better the further you dive into it. The reason I say this is because the first few tracks are a bit slow, and hooks aren’t the most apparent thing here.

For starters, it’s musically a lot less scary than the album cover suggests. The riffs are still heavy and sound exactly how you would picture, but her vocals are extremely soft for what everything else entails. Sleep Among The Dead certainly still isn’t one to swallow too fast. Repetition is a bit overused throughout some of the songs. A large majority of the second half of “Dreaming Spider” is somewhat of a loop with very subtle changes. Of course, this isn’t bad if it’s music meant to be felt as well as heard, just proceed with caution.

On the other hand, there is some more familiar land to be walked upon. “Your God Is Blind” is a bit more traditional to the heavy metal style and has plenty of hooks to make it easier to latch onto. “Apathetic Existence” also has a lot of Black Sabbath vibes to it. The bulk of the song being super slow with a mild break that ends on a faster outing reminds me of their infamous debut. Both tracks are found on the second half, so it’s safe to say this is sort of bottom heavy.

At the end of the day, this is a good spin that is completely worth listening to. It’s just a bit long at times and is difficult to get into. Seeing that it’s composed of seven longer songs, breaking them up into shorter ones and trimming away the fat likely would have helped. Although they didn’t stick super well with me, Doomstress is a band that any doom head should at least seek out. After all, it’s in the name.

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