Review: Embalming Theatre “Re-Animated Tomb Contents (Live At Sedel)”

Review: Embalming Theatre “Re-Animated Tomb Contents (Live At Sedel)”

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Embalming Theatre “Re-Animated Tomb Contents (Live At Sedel)”
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Switzerland connotes automatically for the most of people with Milka-chocolate (and other sweets), cheese, expensive watches, beautiful nature and paradise for skiers. But there’s also good Metal scene! Everyone knows names and music of SAMAEL (for me this band shortly after releasing “Ceremonies of Opposites” finished its existence), MESSIAH or CELTIC FROST. But believe me that there always was and still is more interesting bands in one of the richest counties of the world. Very good example for that is EMBALMING THERTE.

Unfortunately I don’t know from which city (-ies) band’s coming. But since vocalist speak on this live album German, or better to say: Swiss version of this language… Anyway, I suppose that the band is real legend in their country, at least on the scene of music they play, coz they exist since 1995! As I see they play since these 21 years in the same line-up what means that they’re very good buddies, at least.

So “Re-Animated Tomb Contents” contains 27 songs which the band played on some probably gig. After the number you can suppose what to expect after this music. And if I’d say names of covered bands you’ll be sure. But I’ll don’t do it, at least not at the moment – also coz the most of you would stop to read this review and then whole my work would go to fuck!

Total time of this release is, to be precise, 45.21. So it’s clear as a sun that songs can’t be too long. And indeed it is just like that – the longest one takes, if we’ll don’t count “Instru-mental / Pornmatic Drive” which’s about a little more than four minutes and is in a little other stylistic, 2.28. So riffs from its nature are short, brutal and there’s no place for some technical displays! Drums beat during all songs fast and without any compromises. Of course there’re some moments, mostly on beginnings and endings of several songs where Li Quescent plays slower, but that’re only exceptions from the rule.

OK, now I can name the band which covers Swiss play here. There’re five of five of them so I’ll don’t mention all, but only MORTICIAN and NAPALM DEATH. So now you know for sure everything! If you like playing like that – get this album as well!!!

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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 84%
84 %
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