Review: Excommunion “Thronosis”

Review: Excommunion “Thronosis”

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Excommunion “Thronosis”
Dark Descent Records

Since spawning in Colorado, Excommunion has released two splits a full length and a demo. Their debut full length record “Superion” appeared fifteen years ago and now fifteen years later they are on the verge of following “Superion” up with a record titled “Thronosis”. This new release is a four track record that seems to have bubbled up from the deepest and darkest bowels of hell to provide you with nothing but head caving and soul stealing metal. Excommunion sew together brutal death metal and some black metal to create an unholy and purely flesh melting sound.

From track one to track four, Excommunion pours the heavy and damnation on thick. As the first note hits your ears you quickly understand that you are in for one blistering, blackened and incredibly twisted album. Each song hits and hits hard as they ultimately crush you under their sheer weight. Excommunion doesn’t take a song off on this record as they pummel you straight into the earth rolling out track after damning track until you are nothing but a stain.

Not only is the musicianship that hacks and slashes at your lifeless corpse, but the atmosphere that is provided for you is just as sordid if not more so. This entire release seems to have been baptized in brimstone, hell fire and the souls of the damned providing you with a harsh, punishing and lurking evil kind of atmosphere. In each song this sickening and twisting atmosphere washes over you covering you in molten darkness never for your soul or humanity to be seen again.

“Thronosis” is pure madness and pure evil and that all is very palpable. From the drop of the first note you get a tepid whiff of decay and death that gets stuck in your nostrils for quite some time. Overall, this new release from Excommunion is incredibly punishing as it provides you with four blistering tracks that are bolstered by buzzing and ripping riffs, rumbling bass, drums that crack your chest and unearthly vocals that seem to be bellowed from the depths of hell. “Thronosis” is sinister, heavy, and one hell of a listen and a great come back for Excommunion.

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Jared Harrison

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