Review: FATHER BEFOULED “Desolate Gods”

Review: FATHER BEFOULED “Desolate Gods”

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With an over powering stench of death Father Befouled crawls up from rotted crypts to bring forth their newest effort titled “Desolate Gods”; an eight track full length release that is just as sinister, sordid and sickening as death metal can get. Father Befouled doesn’t beat around the cadaver with this release as they aim to destroy and decimate every one and everything in their path and I have to say, they do a pretty damn good job of that. After the intro “Exsurge Domine”, Father Befouled doesn’t beat around the bush as they roll out seven devastating tracks one right after another. With their doomed out style of death metal, these heathens provide you with nothing but pure nauseating  death metal for you to lap up and grind your skull to.

Each song on this release is a behemoth and does their very best to rip your limb from limb. “Desolate Gods” is a nasty, raw and putrid release that snaps your head back and twists your neck right from the get go. Father Befouled doesn’t wait around for you to get acclimated to their brand of twisted death metal as they go for the jugular almost immediately leaving you bloodied and broken after a single listen. This new record is a force to be reckoned with as it is powerful, intoxicating with the stench of death and just down right malevolent and malicious. Father Befouled doesn’t take a single track off or take a single note off as each song is a juggernaut of death that bores right through your skull, but even after you are left isolated left to rot, you come back for more.

The fact that this release has a raw and unfiltered kind of sound to it gives it a little more bite and a little more poison. If “Desolate Gods” was completely polished without that bleeding raw sound it just wouldn’t be the same and it wouldn’t have the same effect as it does with its current raw and uncompromised sound. With that being said, the overall sound of this release is one of pure lurking evil that seems to be skulking in the darkest of abyss. Not only that, but Father Befouled doesn’t just rip your flesh from bone with an all out bone rattling assault as they slow it down in certain sections to provide you with that slow burning doomed sound as well. The festering death paired with the soul tearing doom provides you with an even more anvil heavy and skull grinding sound as well as providing you with plenty of variation  and plenty to listen for.

“Desolate Gods” is a great release, one that provides you with plenty of content, but the only thing that I could say that would be a con about this record is that it is too short, and that’s just being selfish. This is a well put together release that gifts you immensely deadly death metal, twisted tunes and overall just one killer and life threatening listen.

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Jared Harrison

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