Review: Funeral Sun – The Dragging

Review: Funeral Sun – The Dragging

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Funeral Sun The Dragging
Godbox Records

One of the newest bands on the Doom Metal scene is Funeral Sun. This band hails from the land of Spain and recently formed from the ashes of Horn of the Rhino. The most notable member of Funeral Sun is vocalist/guitarist Javier Gonzalez. The front man has been all over the metal world the past two decades. Everywhere from the Death Metal group Burial in the mid-1990s to the aforementioned Sludge group Horse of the Rhino.

Gonzalez’s talents now reside in Funeral Sun where the band looks to make a lasting impact. Funeral Sun has only been together for a year but is already looking forward to releasing their debut album in the near future. To tease any future releases, Funeral Sun debuted The Dragging, a two-track EP that shows what this band is all about.

The Dragging opens with “Let Them Bleed,” a classic Doom Metal track with the tiniest hint of sludge. It is a dramatically slow track.  Once the vocals enter the mood stays the same. The vocals are more reminiscent of 90s Alternative metal or Grunge than Doom, but that is not a bad thing. The bass-heavy track goes on for eight minutes before fading away. The EP’s second song, “The Dragging,” is a little more fast-paced and is the better of the two songs. Gonzalez’s vocals are backed by some impressive instrumentals. It should be noted that Rob Barnett of Canibal Corpse makes an impressive appearance on this song.

Gonzalez and his vocals are the focus of the band, but the other two members deserve a mention for the efforts. Mikel Gonzalez handles the grooves on the bass and lays down some neat stuff. Sergio Garcia’s drumming is nothing out of this world, but he keeps the pace of the band together with some well-timed beats.

Funeral Sun’s The Dragging is a neat EP for fans of doom metal. Only time will tell how great this band can be. This is a decent start for them. Look out for their first full-length album later on.

The Dragging was released on June 1, 2018 through Godbox Records.

Track listing:

  1. Let Them Bleed
  2. The Dragging

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