Review: GRAVE PLAGUE “The Infected Crypts”

Review: GRAVE PLAGUE “The Infected Crypts”

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GRAVE PLAGUE “The Infected Crypts”
Give Praise records / Redefining Darkness

Once I was reviewing a split of TO DUST with BENT SEA. It’s really good stuff which I’m listening from time to time. You’ll ask “Why the hell he’s talking about this?!? Is he crazy and doesn’t know that this review is about stuff of other band?!?” Yeah, I’m probably crazy, but there’s logic explanation why I mentioned this split above. It’s strong connection between GRAVE PLAGUE and TO DUST. Two of three members (Thomas Haywood – bass and Joseph Reed – vocals) of this Grind band are co-creators of GRAVE PLAGUE.

It took place more or less two years ago and that’s why it isn’t anything strange in fact that “The Infected Crypts” is the first band’s stuff ever. That’s demo which contains only two songs. You’ll ask “But what the hell they play?!?” Well, to be honest, I could end this review on quoting what guys wrote on blue ‘f’ about their inspirations: “Old school American and European death metal!” But I’ll don’t do it and I have at least two reasons for that. Firstly this term is broad and says practically nothing. Secondly guys didn’t send me this demo to read their own words!

As I said we have here only two songs and I’ll tell you honestly that this a little more than six and an half minutes is too less for me. I can directly notice in music that guys (except Caleb Bingham – guitar) are experienced musicians. It’s first of all about two mentioned above musicians and Anthony Biello (drums) who started their adventures with playing music on the beginning of present of last decade of previous century. But Michael (Wilson – guitar) is also ain’t any greenhorn. So these guys know very well how to play brutal and on solid technical level. Music in general is in middle tempo, but we have here speed-ups with fast beating drums. But even in these moments (what’s not as easy as pie to hear) we hear that Anthony’s abilities are high. Anyhow, as I said mostly tempo is middle and it’s also about his playing – then it’s easier to hear that he does it variously, even if there’re no long and complicated passages and stuff like that. The same thing we can say about guitars’ work. Riffs are first of all brutal and a little broken. They sounds for very easy ones, but if someone listen to this carefully will notice technical abilities in them. In “Arise the Infected” we have also some, let’s call it, squealing guitar. What’s about vocal Joseph’s timbre of voice and way of articulating growling strongly reminds me someone from well-known band with roots in deep 90’s.

But I’ll don’t tell you who I mean! That’s why if you’re curious you have no other option than grab this stuff and check it out. Guys announce long-length in quite near future and let’s be honest: I just can’t wait this album!!! Of course somebody could say that there were hundreds bands like this, especially in mentioned above decade, that not just trendy to play like day nowadays. Well, even if this is a trend (what I honestly doubt in) than I accept and even welcome it! You’ll ask: why?!? My answer is: because this is trend for thinking during creating the music. That’s not faster as light, but brutality isn’t about speed only. Otherwise it’d be enough to listen to bolides of formula 1 instead of any music. For the end I’ll use simple, but meaningful words which I saw often on flyers in these times: BUY OR DIE!!!

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Bart Tomaszewski
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