Review: HAMMERFALL “Built To Last”

Review: HAMMERFALL “Built To Last”

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HAMMERFALL “Built To Last”
Napalm Records

Jubilate, fans and metalheads! For the daring and irreproachable knights HammerFall are back with their new, tenth album Built To Last.

More to the point: in a new album the band with a little change in line-up (David Wallin from Pain is playing drums instead of Anders Johansson for two years) decided to go back to their roots. As a result, there are nine glorious power metal hymns and the ballad full of tragedy, called “Twilight Princess”.

These hymns are taking the listener back to times of Glory To The Brave and Legacy Of Kings. And one more their undoubted merit are memorable choruses in this songs. “Hammer High”, “Built To Last” and “Bring It” were written, it seems, exactly for the fans will sing them at the concerts as a one big choir.

Technically, HammerFall are in a fine form. Joacim Cans takes the high notes great, despite everything: “Sacred Vow” is a great example for it. Oscar Dronjak and Pontus Norgren are also didn’t lost their mastery: solos are fast and technical as always. This can be heard especially in “Dethrone And Defy”, probably the fastest and the most powerful song in an album.

On a whole, Built To Last is one more great Hammerfall‘s album. Of course it can be called «corny», «trivial» and «doesn’t bring anything new», etc. But there is one «but»: long ago HammerFall don’t need to prove anything to anyone. They already proved everything and became not just «the band with its own bright personality», but phenomenon. In the same measure, which it is Manowar, for example. And even if some hipster, while drinking his smothie, will write some poisonous ironic review or other text, the value of this band will not be less. However, I didn’t hear that any hipster got injured because of the music that he plays, in contradistinction to vocalist Joacim Cans.

Built To Last will be released on November, 4 by Napalm records.


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