Review: HARLOTT “Extinction”

Review: HARLOTT “Extinction”

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HARLOTT “Extinction”
Metal Blade records

If somebody thinks that that Australia is some Metal desert is very, very wrong! This continent and country in one can offer us much more than AC/DCDESTRÖYER 666 (even if this is they changed place of origin for other country some time ago), DISEMBOWELMENT (R.I.P.) or GOSPEL OF THE HORNS. Scene there is really big with quite huge number of interesting bands, some labels and so on. The fact is that the most of Australian Metal acts come from one of five the most populous cities, but idiosyncrasy of this country in general is like that – in these 5 cities live something like 2/3 of whole country’s population.

HARLOTT isn’t any exception to this rule coz they come from second most populous city – Melbourne. Idea of creating the band materialized in 2006. There were some changes in line up (especially on position of guitarist), but it was nothing what could disturb in process of creating music. That’s why guys have two EPs (actually three, but ‘Pain Emblem’ was never released) and, counting with ‘Extinction’, three albums. Music which we’re able to enjoy on newest full-length is good old Thrash Metal. In biography we can read that band unite 80’s Bay Area style with some Teutonic melody and grit. And that’s what I can only agree with.

Actually I could finish this review right here, but I’ll don’t do it!!! I know that especially these older maniacs who was raised in 80’s or early 90’s on such music know what they can expect and already decided that they’ll buy this album. But there’re even more younger lovers of Metal who need some more information to decide on this. Music is dynamic and generally in fast tempo (as on Thrash, of course). Residents of Eastern suburbs of Melbourne don’t play in some technical intricacies and just go forward with their music! Of course there happen some solos and so on, but mostly we have to do just with sharp riffs, characteristic drumming, bass and vocal.And it’s also about these little slower parts, of course.

When I’m listening to ‘Extinction’ I feel like I’d back to my teenage years what is the best recommendation I could ever give, I guess! The fact is that people who don’t love this music as I do would say that there’s nothing original in that, that it sounds just like many bands from these years did… Well, that’s truth. But who the fuck cares?!? Australians serve piece of really great Thrash Metal and are good in what they do. So I can’t see anything strange in fact that they already supported such legends like ANNIHILATOR or ACCEPT!

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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 96%
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