Review HEAVEN SHALL BURN “Wanderer” (by Droll)

Review HEAVEN SHALL BURN “Wanderer” (by Droll)

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Wanderer, eights album from anti-globalists metalers Heaven Shall Burn sufficiently full of contradictions. However they seems as contradictions at the first glance. Well, let’s go to the details.

Album’s cover with breathtaking photo and without accustomed band’s logo plunges into some doubt about the musical component. Anyway, the cover and booklet are really casting a spell. Thanks to photographer Christian Thiele priceless work. The album itself contains 12 or 13 tracks, depends on album’s edition.

Wanderer opens with “The Loss Of Fury”, that shows to the listener what is waiting for him: rigid guitar riffs, extreme vocals and with this – melody. It’s pretty much of it in an album. The band is balancing good between death metal fury and melody, time to time heeling in one direction or another. Heaven Shall Burn‘s music is not exactly Melodic Death Metal, but this definition is the closest one to the truth. In this meaning, almost etalon MDM in an album is “Passage Of The Crane”: juicy riffs with fast drums in a verse; melody in choruses with tone changing.

At the same time there is crushing death metal in an album (without any -melodic). It “Pray To God”. To see the song named like this in an album from a band named after some Marduk song is also some kind of contradiction. Which is getting stronger when you hear not only Marcus Bisсhoff’s vocals, but George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher himself. And when Cannibal Corpse vocalist’s throat is giving a phrase «Pray to God!!!», you’re starting to doubt the reality of what’s happening. However, guitarist Maik Weichert explain it this way: «It seems like most people just need to believe in one or several higher powers – almost like an anatomical predisposition. Since the beginning of time representatives of any kind of religion have abused this tendency in order to manipulate people and get them involved in wars». Well, ok. It’s clear now.

The most remembering song in an album is “Corium”, that will not get out of the listener’s head for a long time while his fingers will press «repeat» automatically. Melodic musical theme, changing rhythm patterns, great drum line and pecking bass – those are ingredients of this masterpiece. Maik Weichert: «Corium is a lava-like mixture that is formed during a nuclear meltdown. Luckily this has only happened three times outside of any laboratories. In the song, corium stands as a symbol for the insanity of the nuclear industry, which is ruthlessly profit-orientated, manipulative and irresponsible for our future. At first sight the use of nuclear power looks like it might have many benefits. Still, would you also buy an elephant and put it up in your living room if you had no idea where to put its droppings?».

Generally, as I said, the album successfully balancing between death metal massacre and melody. Add to this great Sodom and As I Lay Dying  covers – “Agent Orange” and “The Cry Of Mankind”, qualitative record, deep lyrics and you will get the Wanderer. Uniquely one of the best works for the last time.

The album will be released on September, 16 by Century Media.


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