Review: INTERNAL BLEEDING “Final Justice”

Review: INTERNAL BLEEDING “Final Justice”

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Internal Bleeding are pioneers of the slam movement. Althought they are mostly recognized as brutal death metal band, you have to be deaf not to hear hardcore  influences in their opus.

This single “Final Justice” offers us everything what we expect from Internal Bleeding. Production is good. This is mid tempo song in style of Dying Fetus at some parts.

No matter how much I try to write possibly good review of only one song, I am constantly thinking of tragedy that had happened.

Only one day before single was released, Long Island have lost great drummer and 14 year veteran of the NY Fire Department William Bill Tolley. Bill did not leave only his bandmates, but his wife and young daughter.

Single was recorded at Down the Drain Studios, Ronkonkoma New York.

“Final Justice” is just announcement of upcoming album “Corrupting Influence”.

Despite what happened, Internal Bleeding, however, decided to go on tour. They said, Billy would want that too.

I hope he will find final justice, wherever he is.


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