Review: Iron Savior “Reforged-Riding on Fire”

Review: Iron Savior “Reforged-Riding on Fire”

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Iron Savior “Reforged-Riding on Fire”
AFM Records
December 8th, 2017

Reforged-Riding On Fire” is another compilation album. Simply, in 2017 there was no possibility to buy Iron Savior‘s first albums since they were released for Noise Records. In the meantime, band changed label and there were no possibilities to re-issue album regularly. So, Piet Sielck, the chief of Saviors decided to give us a little present for New Year. The songs on “Reforged-Riding On Fire” are not just re-issued, they are improved.

“We can’t rerelease our albums from the Noise Records years in their initial form, but we are free to rerecord songs from these albums. We’ve approached this challenge with a lot of enthusiasm.”

Double CD contains 19 songs from the period from 1997 to 2004 (from Iron Savior to Battering Ram): “Riding On Fire”, “Battering Ram”, “Brave New World”, “Prisoner Of The Void”, “Titans Of Our Time”, “Eye To Eye”, “For The World”, “Mindfeeder”, “Watcher In The Sky”, “Mind Over Matter”, “Warrior”, “Iron Savior”, “Tales Of The Bold”, “No Heroes”, “Break The Curse”, “Condition Red”, “Protector”, “I’ve Been To Hell” and “Atlantis Falling”.

Although Iron Savior never reached the place they desreve to be in metal (at the top), Piet‘s metal legacy is huge. “Reforged-Riding On Fire” is refreshed collection of the best Savior sogs. Made for true Saviors.

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